Friday, May 6, 2011

Picking a war with Torcadino

Galarix Tamerlane hops off the wagon with the man still in tow and toward the laager ..up the long road ..

Bobby Hirons opne the eyes and look around the unreconized place

Jaym Wolfhunter had slid from the back of the beast...He unfastened the ropes that held the Man secure to its back...and verily was He hefted onto His shoulder again..."Why...are the cages so high?" He muttered as the Man was carried forth...With His free hand, the Chieftain swung the door open...and leaning foward did He place the fellow into the cage...He took a step back, and then with a grunt did He swing the door closed...

Galarix Tamerlane tossed down the leash as he got to the smiths with the man clad in red and turned to spot the Commander "You missed a trip out. There was swimming and tarns and much clashing of steel. Not a giant wall did we even need cross. These two men ..came right out to us." and that was always nice...when grapples were not needed. Down to the captive he did lower his broad from and spoke low "I would know what you are called or i shall just call you tarn. Myself, with the unforgettable handsome face, am called Gal. "

Bobby Hirons try to move and se he is binded, where we are

Jaym Wolfhunter turned, there was Hendrix found...Commander of the Larls Fang...He gestured towards the cage..."A trip was taken...My eyes landed again on the fell city of Torcodino...and I could not stomach its sight" He said darkly...still did the images of Alar laid low at the hands of the Ubar of Torcodino in days gone by rage in His head...

Bobby Hirons: like i remember you shoot me first

Bobby Hirons say before heared what the man say

Malachi Stormcrow had come upon the scoundrel, Galarix, and the Chieftain, Jaym in time to hear the complaint about high cages. Drawing then his bow and fitting an arrow, he bent back, aiming at the tether which held cage high. He laughed then at Gal and Jaym as they spoke of plunder and violence much loved, and almost did his fingers slip on the feathering. "Stand back, Jaym, and I will test my skill as an archer. If I hit his head, I will compensate you. If I hit yours, I will reign in your stead with justice and much violence."

Galarix Tamerlane nods "I will not argue over who shot first. It's the results that count. You were beaten by the best though so don't feel to badly. " He leans in more "Do you know where you are, tarn?" he asks the man bound.

Jaym Wolfhunter paused...and He spoke calmly to Hendrix..."I would be a gold tarn disk that you will not only miss the cage...but that you might infact..Miss the planet Gor altogether" He mused..."For, I have seen you in the field hunting birds..." He said...though...He did step back...Even a blind urt might at times get a nut

Michael Gupte: * chuckles quietly to himself at the banter, though much aimed at myself going on between the two men *

Jaym Wolfhunter turned to the fellow in the cage..."Should He miss the rope and hit you in the head...Id know your name...that a placard might be placed beneath your head when it is laid to its final the field of the Fallen" the Chieftain mused aloud...

Michael Gupte: * looks the man straight in the eye, lavender eyes cold and emotionless * I would be known as Michael Gupte, Commander of the Torcadino scarlets

Bobby Hirons try to turn face up no feel the terrain on his face any more

Galarix Tamerlane perked an ear hearing that they had the commander. Not a bad catch at all. "If he is the commander..what does that make you, tarn?" He asks the man at his feet who was not being very ..talkative "You have rank or are you..just a grunt?"

Jaym Wolfhunter clapped His hands together once..."Excellent!" He cried...and then did He turn to Hendrix..."Do your best" he said to the fellow...Then to the fellow did He add..."I rumored to be called Jaym, said by some, to be the Chieftain of the Alar..." He added...

Malachi Stormcrow chuckled and did hide the fact that while out in the field a stray arrow had in fact nearly missed Kanda from quite far away. he stretched the string further, drew in a deep breath, and released with a twang. The arrow, flying true to ... some mark at least, did tap the mighty bosk horn of nearby wagon, deflecting then down to metal wheel and with a scrape whiz and thunk harmlessly against the cage, feathering forward. "Damn," he said, lowering his bow and taking quite a few steps closer to try again."

Bobby Hirons: better now

Bobby Hirons: why you attack us

Bobby Hirons ask to the no reconized face

Michael Gupte: * watches the arrow make it's erratic journey to bounce off the wood of the cage fletching first, and chuckled a bit * you know the arrows goes out the opposite end as the one you hold ?

Bobby Hirons: whre we are?

Galarix Tamerlane lifted a grin under a face of hair "We need no more reason than you are of a city..for We here ..are Alar. You..are in boswell pass. Probably a place you have never been near before. Welcome the Laager. "

Bobby Hirons: i no reconized the place i never being here and make me make another question why you attack us we have no business in commun good or bad business

Bobby Hirons: what are you and your clan looking for

Malachi Stormcrow raises a brow as if light had dawned upon the swordsman and he drew another and raised it to his teeth, biting down and walking to the large wheel, reaching the top, and then hefting his form onto the top of the cage, feeling it shake and sway violently under his weight and momentum. "I find," he said through gritted teeth, "that my arrows do much better when I carry them to their established end myself." He took the sturdy shaft then, and struck it into one of the chink holes of the chain, which did nothing of course, but look as if he had hit his mark. Having noticed Jaym fall asleep, he did hope to play a fine joke when the Chieftain awoke.

Galarix Tamerlane shakes his head "Oh i think there is indeed some business to be had. In an ideal world ..we seek the fall of each and every city on this planet. Walls are useless things made for cowards. Only reason i can respect you really is that you ventured from those walls to fight like Men aught. "

Michael Gupte: * laughs unable to contain myself at the mirth about to play forth before my eyes and nods * oh...i see, well yes, yes arrows will always find their mark when ' shot ' so * chuckles again in spite of himself an the situation *

Bobby Hirons: we fight in any condition when its needed

Galarix Tamerlane firmly nods his head "You do not fight well enough though..or you would not be here. It might be worth while to ..hire someone who can teach you how fail."

Malachi Stormcrow returns to his previous position, but continues to speak to the man. "So ... who will take the role of commander in your stead, man? A trusted friend or greedy underling?" He grinned lopsidedly and patted his pant leg. His dagger again had been left in his wagon and he frowned.

Michael Gupte: * laughs * a very, very capable warrior, and of course there's the Ubar as well, also a very dangerous warrior in his own right...there are plenty of experienced swords and bows in our who have journeyed and proven themselves all across gor. * speaking to Gal * and you know, it was just a kaissa piece diffrence as to me having both of you down, today the winds of luck blew your way warrior, think not yourself so much better in skill *

Bobby Hirons move the head looking the wagon and the area looking the position of the wagons

Bobby Hirons: yu say te walls are for cowards ? and your wagon are possioned like walls

Galarix Tamerlane really only needed to hear the word Kaissa and his head snapped around "You are a player?" he asked and turned eyes to the Chieftain who was known to play rather well. "Hm. Perhaps you were unlucky today ..or perhaps our tactics were simply ..better. a combination of things ..remember. Credit where it is due fight far better than those in Ar and many other walled places." then back to the captive man he turned by his boot "You would have been better to fight us not from the tarn. That your free bit of combat advice."

Galarix Tamerlane: "The wagons ..are simply in a circle. We don't even have a gate"

Malachi Stormcrow thought of the wind then and said "Aha! It is true. The wind is great today and took my arrow clean from target. Curse the wind. Why could it not blow for the Alar just a bit longer?" He looks to the man in the cage though and states seriously. "I would have you trust in the wind, man, and think your chances greater than they are. I like overconfidence in an opponent." He nodded and looked to Gal. "But ... Gal is old and decrepit. You should see him after he gets a little pussy. Like a young man again! Like me!"

Michael Gupte: * laughs * most old folk are that way * joining in the joke *

Michael Gupte: * laughs * i always trust in the wind...for my tarn soars best in a good wind

Bobby Hirons: what can i say iwas comming of alittle trip with my tarn

Bobby Hirons: and you both was ther shooting me

Galarix Tamerlane chuckles "That we did do. Can not deny it. Surely you were flying back from some ..allied city to yours?"

Bobby Hirons: i was flying back from where i was

Michael Gupte: * speaks up interrupting the man * we have no allies...allies tend to make one weak, we stand on our own

Bobby Hirons: we hve no allies or somethink like that

Jaym Wolfhunter had woken from His standin stupor...His eyes immediately lit upon the area above the cage...and a grimace contorted His features..."son of a whore" He said irritatedly...without pause did the Alar Chieftain turn...His heavy footfalls making time to HIs wagon,and there...beneath the piles of stuff...things taken and things given...was a trunk drawn was casually flipped open, the lid that is...and from within was taken a disk round...He returned...and having noted Hendrixs departure...He nodded..."If He is not here to recieve payment...then surely it aught be given to the other participant in said bet" He said...and with that, the Chieftain tucked the gold tarn disk into His belt...He turned...and As His arms folded across His chest...the Chieftain spoke to the fellow in the cage..."I will see Torcodino is ruins again...I will watch you build your walls anew...and I will essay forth anew...I will employ engineers of see her walls broken, paid for with coin had by rough means

Jaym Wolfhunter: I will, until the day I the Destruction eternal...of Torcodino" He said without a turning of His head...nor an averting of His eyes...

Bobby Hirons: resolved*

Galarix Tamerlane let out a loud laugh. Perhaps that was the statement of the day "You were flying back from where you were. Perfect" and it was almost a brilliant answer. "No allies?" he said a little surprised having assumed that most cities these days had someone "Then at least you can stand prouder than most who hide behind walls. " then hearing the Chieftain behind him he adds "..walls that will not stand long it seems."

Bobby Hirons: we fight in the condition and the way is needed

Bobby Hirons: inor out walls

Bobby Hirons heared the other man talking about the city name

Michael Gupte: * chuckles * our walls will not only stand, but they well get stronger, as the men the pour forth wearing the scarlet assays forth, their blades will run with the blood of the Alar. As for Ar, your man said it quiet well enough already, most of them cannot fight, so we have little to fear of Ar.

Bobby Hirons: do you no like Tocardino name?

Galarix Tamerlane nods "You will fight well until your walls come crashing down by the doing of the Alar. It's too bad that not one of you, is the Ubar. Letting people know of their impending demise is just more proper done face to face.." then he turns quickly to the caged commander "Their warriors can not fight..but their engineers..are quite good."

Michael Gupte: * nods * yes, i suppose taht is true, though how good can a man be who only thinks, as arrows rain down from tarns circling in the skys ? I've found them to not be able to think very well at that point * smirks *

Bobby Hirons smile and ask ¿do you have any new name for our city?

Bobby Hirons: i no feel my hand any more

Bobby Hirons start to move the fingers

Galarix Tamerlane blinked under one solid and thick brow that crossed his forehead "A new name for your city. Well.." he considered what it looked like and had a few choices. Two in particular "White Castle..or Doomed"

Jaym Wolfhunter 's merriment dance in his Eyes..."Let them their hundreds and their thousands...let them come like verr to the slaughter...on tarn wing and kailla back...Let them come" He said amused..."They though, will be shortened by two...One...a Commander...and One...a Tarnsman who aught have flown perhaps slower on his return to His Home" He said calmly and then did He turn to the grizzled Alar..."Tarns..." He said...the ire in His voice..."That reminds Me...that from those mountain hugging Men of Treve, are we to have Ballistae" He said to Him...He cared not of information given before the captives...their end was surely come swift...and then He had a thought..."Gal...We are often called Noble and Generous...I would I think, spare the lives of these men...that they might return to their city...and inform the inhabitants...of the return...of the Butcher of Torcodino" He said to him

Bobby Hirons: let me write it please maybe the ubar considered it ()

Michael Gupte: * laughs at bobby's quiery inspite of himself *

Galarix Tamerlane felt his pants get a bit tight at the talk of smiting by the thousands "So good...." he groans and wondered if battle was such a turn on to every man. "Ballista?" the word was repeated and took an ihn to register in his sometimes addled brain "I will make sure to train up on them then and that would be spare them. Also they can indeed let the city know." he bellows over to the woman by the wagon "Write two words lore keeper on a paper that i might have. Three words.." and that was as high as he could count anway "White Castle, Doomed!!" and knew it would be done

Michael Gupte: Jaym you said your name was, leader of these men then ? i have something you might want to know * smirks a bit of deviltry in my eyes * your man with the bow, planted the arrow there himself with his hands * chuckles *

Kanda Veeper heard the call and got to writing fast before getting up with one of two children and over to Gal with what was requested "Here." she said coldly, shoving it in his hand and heading right back away and toward the fire though not before giving her Mate a little wink

Bobby Hirons only see him and smile

Bobby Hirons: what is your problem man?

Bobby Hirons: no like tocardinos name, no want be shooted

Bobby Hirons: its no like be shooted them no attack

Galarix Tamerlane took the bit of paper and shoved it under the mans breast plate "There you go. White Castle, doomed." and his eyes nearly raped the blonde woman as she walked away . "Better than battle..that ass.." he said loud enough for the Chieftain to hear. "As for you, warrior. It is your city that has the issue, now."

Bobby Hirons: hahahahaha what cain of issue you say

Bobby Hirons: i dont see any issue

Bobby Hirons: it is a special food?

Galarix Tamerlane grins "We are going to destroy it. We are just nice and giving you a chance to tell your ubar. Clearly us just showing up to destroy you...would be unfair to you..and we are " he was going to say fair but that was not entirely true "Noble and generous."

Bobby Hirons: ohhhh

Bobby Hirons: that issue

Jaym Wolfhunter grimaced...He nodded once to the caged fellow..."Honesty from a man doomed...suprisingly pleasant" He said...then did He turn to Galarix..."Loose His feet...He has a long walk ahead of Him" He said, then did the Chieftain move to the Cage...His fingers calloused wrapped around the bars..."Search your histories...your scrolls and your tomes...Know that the Alar will come as the Krune came...History...will repeat itself" He said calmly...then did He flip the catch on the door...and it was swung open...He gripped the fellow and with a rough tug, yanked Him out of the cage...a dagger was produced...and having moved close enough to be able, He undid the binds at the Mans ankles...

Galarix Tamerlane nods "That..issue. So...' he then followed the chieftains lead and bent to release the binds at the mans feet and grab the leash again "Back to the road?"

Bobby Hirons: goto be a real honour defeat you free

Galarix Tamerlane grins "A respectable enemy is a hard thing to find. I look forward to seeing you fall with something resembling honor.."

Bobby Hirons: the battles are fighting always by honorable men

Bobby Hirons: and know the enemy is always good

Bobby Hirons nod him

Michael Gupte: not always bobby, but when honorable men can be had either as an enemy or a brother...then their is glory even if it means you walk the path to the city of dust

Bobby Hirons: the lost is no the shame when you lost no feel bad is always a way to learn more

Jaym Wolfhunter 's hand raised...He scratched at His face with four fingers calloused...then spoke..."If you are going...Now is better than later" he said..."The sooner the Ubar of Torcodino knows of the fate of His city...the better" He said...and with that...He began to Make His way towards the caravan point

Galarix Tamerlane wrapped the leash around a giant palm and was for once pleasantly surprised by the men of a city. "Then we all seem to understand each other here." and he too took large strides back the way they had come

Jaym Wolfhunter gestured..."Safe passage from this" He said..."When your feet step from this land...that safe passage is no more" He said..."Be swift..." He said...and then did the Alar Chieftain lift His head towards Galarix..."Let us be off" He said to the fellow...and with that...He was gone from sight...back amongst the comfort...of the Laager

Galarix Tamerlane did let heavy steps fall all the way along the road made less dusty by the rains of days past "Be well ..for now ..warriors .." he said with a laugh and a toss of the leash "Wagons will get you on your way" he motioned to the decrepit thing and then too did turn back to the Laager..

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