Friday, May 6, 2011

Picking a war with Torcadino

Galarix Tamerlane hops off the wagon with the man still in tow and toward the laager ..up the long road ..

Bobby Hirons opne the eyes and look around the unreconized place

Jaym Wolfhunter had slid from the back of the beast...He unfastened the ropes that held the Man secure to its back...and verily was He hefted onto His shoulder again..."Why...are the cages so high?" He muttered as the Man was carried forth...With His free hand, the Chieftain swung the door open...and leaning foward did He place the fellow into the cage...He took a step back, and then with a grunt did He swing the door closed...

Galarix Tamerlane tossed down the leash as he got to the smiths with the man clad in red and turned to spot the Commander "You missed a trip out. There was swimming and tarns and much clashing of steel. Not a giant wall did we even need cross. These two men ..came right out to us." and that was always nice...when grapples were not needed. Down to the captive he did lower his broad from and spoke low "I would know what you are called or i shall just call you tarn. Myself, with the unforgettable handsome face, am called Gal. "

Bobby Hirons try to move and se he is binded, where we are

Jaym Wolfhunter turned, there was Hendrix found...Commander of the Larls Fang...He gestured towards the cage..."A trip was taken...My eyes landed again on the fell city of Torcodino...and I could not stomach its sight" He said darkly...still did the images of Alar laid low at the hands of the Ubar of Torcodino in days gone by rage in His head...

Bobby Hirons: like i remember you shoot me first

Bobby Hirons say before heared what the man say

Malachi Stormcrow had come upon the scoundrel, Galarix, and the Chieftain, Jaym in time to hear the complaint about high cages. Drawing then his bow and fitting an arrow, he bent back, aiming at the tether which held cage high. He laughed then at Gal and Jaym as they spoke of plunder and violence much loved, and almost did his fingers slip on the feathering. "Stand back, Jaym, and I will test my skill as an archer. If I hit his head, I will compensate you. If I hit yours, I will reign in your stead with justice and much violence."

Galarix Tamerlane nods "I will not argue over who shot first. It's the results that count. You were beaten by the best though so don't feel to badly. " He leans in more "Do you know where you are, tarn?" he asks the man bound.

Jaym Wolfhunter paused...and He spoke calmly to Hendrix..."I would be a gold tarn disk that you will not only miss the cage...but that you might infact..Miss the planet Gor altogether" He mused..."For, I have seen you in the field hunting birds..." He said...though...He did step back...Even a blind urt might at times get a nut

Michael Gupte: * chuckles quietly to himself at the banter, though much aimed at myself going on between the two men *

Jaym Wolfhunter turned to the fellow in the cage..."Should He miss the rope and hit you in the head...Id know your name...that a placard might be placed beneath your head when it is laid to its final the field of the Fallen" the Chieftain mused aloud...

Michael Gupte: * looks the man straight in the eye, lavender eyes cold and emotionless * I would be known as Michael Gupte, Commander of the Torcadino scarlets

Bobby Hirons try to turn face up no feel the terrain on his face any more

Galarix Tamerlane perked an ear hearing that they had the commander. Not a bad catch at all. "If he is the commander..what does that make you, tarn?" He asks the man at his feet who was not being very ..talkative "You have rank or are you..just a grunt?"

Jaym Wolfhunter clapped His hands together once..."Excellent!" He cried...and then did He turn to Hendrix..."Do your best" he said to the fellow...Then to the fellow did He add..."I rumored to be called Jaym, said by some, to be the Chieftain of the Alar..." He added...

Malachi Stormcrow chuckled and did hide the fact that while out in the field a stray arrow had in fact nearly missed Kanda from quite far away. he stretched the string further, drew in a deep breath, and released with a twang. The arrow, flying true to ... some mark at least, did tap the mighty bosk horn of nearby wagon, deflecting then down to metal wheel and with a scrape whiz and thunk harmlessly against the cage, feathering forward. "Damn," he said, lowering his bow and taking quite a few steps closer to try again."

Bobby Hirons: better now

Bobby Hirons: why you attack us

Bobby Hirons ask to the no reconized face

Michael Gupte: * watches the arrow make it's erratic journey to bounce off the wood of the cage fletching first, and chuckled a bit * you know the arrows goes out the opposite end as the one you hold ?

Bobby Hirons: whre we are?

Galarix Tamerlane lifted a grin under a face of hair "We need no more reason than you are of a city..for We here ..are Alar. You..are in boswell pass. Probably a place you have never been near before. Welcome the Laager. "

Bobby Hirons: i no reconized the place i never being here and make me make another question why you attack us we have no business in commun good or bad business

Bobby Hirons: what are you and your clan looking for

Malachi Stormcrow raises a brow as if light had dawned upon the swordsman and he drew another and raised it to his teeth, biting down and walking to the large wheel, reaching the top, and then hefting his form onto the top of the cage, feeling it shake and sway violently under his weight and momentum. "I find," he said through gritted teeth, "that my arrows do much better when I carry them to their established end myself." He took the sturdy shaft then, and struck it into one of the chink holes of the chain, which did nothing of course, but look as if he had hit his mark. Having noticed Jaym fall asleep, he did hope to play a fine joke when the Chieftain awoke.

Galarix Tamerlane shakes his head "Oh i think there is indeed some business to be had. In an ideal world ..we seek the fall of each and every city on this planet. Walls are useless things made for cowards. Only reason i can respect you really is that you ventured from those walls to fight like Men aught. "

Michael Gupte: * laughs unable to contain myself at the mirth about to play forth before my eyes and nods * oh...i see, well yes, yes arrows will always find their mark when ' shot ' so * chuckles again in spite of himself an the situation *

Bobby Hirons: we fight in any condition when its needed

Galarix Tamerlane firmly nods his head "You do not fight well enough though..or you would not be here. It might be worth while to ..hire someone who can teach you how fail."

Malachi Stormcrow returns to his previous position, but continues to speak to the man. "So ... who will take the role of commander in your stead, man? A trusted friend or greedy underling?" He grinned lopsidedly and patted his pant leg. His dagger again had been left in his wagon and he frowned.

Michael Gupte: * laughs * a very, very capable warrior, and of course there's the Ubar as well, also a very dangerous warrior in his own right...there are plenty of experienced swords and bows in our who have journeyed and proven themselves all across gor. * speaking to Gal * and you know, it was just a kaissa piece diffrence as to me having both of you down, today the winds of luck blew your way warrior, think not yourself so much better in skill *

Bobby Hirons move the head looking the wagon and the area looking the position of the wagons

Bobby Hirons: yu say te walls are for cowards ? and your wagon are possioned like walls

Galarix Tamerlane really only needed to hear the word Kaissa and his head snapped around "You are a player?" he asked and turned eyes to the Chieftain who was known to play rather well. "Hm. Perhaps you were unlucky today ..or perhaps our tactics were simply ..better. a combination of things ..remember. Credit where it is due fight far better than those in Ar and many other walled places." then back to the captive man he turned by his boot "You would have been better to fight us not from the tarn. That your free bit of combat advice."

Galarix Tamerlane: "The wagons ..are simply in a circle. We don't even have a gate"

Malachi Stormcrow thought of the wind then and said "Aha! It is true. The wind is great today and took my arrow clean from target. Curse the wind. Why could it not blow for the Alar just a bit longer?" He looks to the man in the cage though and states seriously. "I would have you trust in the wind, man, and think your chances greater than they are. I like overconfidence in an opponent." He nodded and looked to Gal. "But ... Gal is old and decrepit. You should see him after he gets a little pussy. Like a young man again! Like me!"

Michael Gupte: * laughs * most old folk are that way * joining in the joke *

Michael Gupte: * laughs * i always trust in the wind...for my tarn soars best in a good wind

Bobby Hirons: what can i say iwas comming of alittle trip with my tarn

Bobby Hirons: and you both was ther shooting me

Galarix Tamerlane chuckles "That we did do. Can not deny it. Surely you were flying back from some ..allied city to yours?"

Bobby Hirons: i was flying back from where i was

Michael Gupte: * speaks up interrupting the man * we have no allies...allies tend to make one weak, we stand on our own

Bobby Hirons: we hve no allies or somethink like that

Jaym Wolfhunter had woken from His standin stupor...His eyes immediately lit upon the area above the cage...and a grimace contorted His features..."son of a whore" He said irritatedly...without pause did the Alar Chieftain turn...His heavy footfalls making time to HIs wagon,and there...beneath the piles of stuff...things taken and things given...was a trunk drawn was casually flipped open, the lid that is...and from within was taken a disk round...He returned...and having noted Hendrixs departure...He nodded..."If He is not here to recieve payment...then surely it aught be given to the other participant in said bet" He said...and with that, the Chieftain tucked the gold tarn disk into His belt...He turned...and As His arms folded across His chest...the Chieftain spoke to the fellow in the cage..."I will see Torcodino is ruins again...I will watch you build your walls anew...and I will essay forth anew...I will employ engineers of see her walls broken, paid for with coin had by rough means

Jaym Wolfhunter: I will, until the day I the Destruction eternal...of Torcodino" He said without a turning of His head...nor an averting of His eyes...

Bobby Hirons: resolved*

Galarix Tamerlane let out a loud laugh. Perhaps that was the statement of the day "You were flying back from where you were. Perfect" and it was almost a brilliant answer. "No allies?" he said a little surprised having assumed that most cities these days had someone "Then at least you can stand prouder than most who hide behind walls. " then hearing the Chieftain behind him he adds "..walls that will not stand long it seems."

Bobby Hirons: we fight in the condition and the way is needed

Bobby Hirons: inor out walls

Bobby Hirons heared the other man talking about the city name

Michael Gupte: * chuckles * our walls will not only stand, but they well get stronger, as the men the pour forth wearing the scarlet assays forth, their blades will run with the blood of the Alar. As for Ar, your man said it quiet well enough already, most of them cannot fight, so we have little to fear of Ar.

Bobby Hirons: do you no like Tocardino name?

Galarix Tamerlane nods "You will fight well until your walls come crashing down by the doing of the Alar. It's too bad that not one of you, is the Ubar. Letting people know of their impending demise is just more proper done face to face.." then he turns quickly to the caged commander "Their warriors can not fight..but their engineers..are quite good."

Michael Gupte: * nods * yes, i suppose taht is true, though how good can a man be who only thinks, as arrows rain down from tarns circling in the skys ? I've found them to not be able to think very well at that point * smirks *

Bobby Hirons smile and ask ¿do you have any new name for our city?

Bobby Hirons: i no feel my hand any more

Bobby Hirons start to move the fingers

Galarix Tamerlane blinked under one solid and thick brow that crossed his forehead "A new name for your city. Well.." he considered what it looked like and had a few choices. Two in particular "White Castle..or Doomed"

Jaym Wolfhunter 's merriment dance in his Eyes..."Let them their hundreds and their thousands...let them come like verr to the slaughter...on tarn wing and kailla back...Let them come" He said amused..."They though, will be shortened by two...One...a Commander...and One...a Tarnsman who aught have flown perhaps slower on his return to His Home" He said calmly and then did He turn to the grizzled Alar..."Tarns..." He said...the ire in His voice..."That reminds Me...that from those mountain hugging Men of Treve, are we to have Ballistae" He said to Him...He cared not of information given before the captives...their end was surely come swift...and then He had a thought..."Gal...We are often called Noble and Generous...I would I think, spare the lives of these men...that they might return to their city...and inform the inhabitants...of the return...of the Butcher of Torcodino" He said to him

Bobby Hirons: let me write it please maybe the ubar considered it ()

Michael Gupte: * laughs at bobby's quiery inspite of himself *

Galarix Tamerlane felt his pants get a bit tight at the talk of smiting by the thousands "So good...." he groans and wondered if battle was such a turn on to every man. "Ballista?" the word was repeated and took an ihn to register in his sometimes addled brain "I will make sure to train up on them then and that would be spare them. Also they can indeed let the city know." he bellows over to the woman by the wagon "Write two words lore keeper on a paper that i might have. Three words.." and that was as high as he could count anway "White Castle, Doomed!!" and knew it would be done

Michael Gupte: Jaym you said your name was, leader of these men then ? i have something you might want to know * smirks a bit of deviltry in my eyes * your man with the bow, planted the arrow there himself with his hands * chuckles *

Kanda Veeper heard the call and got to writing fast before getting up with one of two children and over to Gal with what was requested "Here." she said coldly, shoving it in his hand and heading right back away and toward the fire though not before giving her Mate a little wink

Bobby Hirons only see him and smile

Bobby Hirons: what is your problem man?

Bobby Hirons: no like tocardinos name, no want be shooted

Bobby Hirons: its no like be shooted them no attack

Galarix Tamerlane took the bit of paper and shoved it under the mans breast plate "There you go. White Castle, doomed." and his eyes nearly raped the blonde woman as she walked away . "Better than battle..that ass.." he said loud enough for the Chieftain to hear. "As for you, warrior. It is your city that has the issue, now."

Bobby Hirons: hahahahaha what cain of issue you say

Bobby Hirons: i dont see any issue

Bobby Hirons: it is a special food?

Galarix Tamerlane grins "We are going to destroy it. We are just nice and giving you a chance to tell your ubar. Clearly us just showing up to destroy you...would be unfair to you..and we are " he was going to say fair but that was not entirely true "Noble and generous."

Bobby Hirons: ohhhh

Bobby Hirons: that issue

Jaym Wolfhunter grimaced...He nodded once to the caged fellow..."Honesty from a man doomed...suprisingly pleasant" He said...then did He turn to Galarix..."Loose His feet...He has a long walk ahead of Him" He said, then did the Chieftain move to the Cage...His fingers calloused wrapped around the bars..."Search your histories...your scrolls and your tomes...Know that the Alar will come as the Krune came...History...will repeat itself" He said calmly...then did He flip the catch on the door...and it was swung open...He gripped the fellow and with a rough tug, yanked Him out of the cage...a dagger was produced...and having moved close enough to be able, He undid the binds at the Mans ankles...

Galarix Tamerlane nods "That..issue. So...' he then followed the chieftains lead and bent to release the binds at the mans feet and grab the leash again "Back to the road?"

Bobby Hirons: goto be a real honour defeat you free

Galarix Tamerlane grins "A respectable enemy is a hard thing to find. I look forward to seeing you fall with something resembling honor.."

Bobby Hirons: the battles are fighting always by honorable men

Bobby Hirons: and know the enemy is always good

Bobby Hirons nod him

Michael Gupte: not always bobby, but when honorable men can be had either as an enemy or a brother...then their is glory even if it means you walk the path to the city of dust

Bobby Hirons: the lost is no the shame when you lost no feel bad is always a way to learn more

Jaym Wolfhunter 's hand raised...He scratched at His face with four fingers calloused...then spoke..."If you are going...Now is better than later" he said..."The sooner the Ubar of Torcodino knows of the fate of His city...the better" He said...and with that...He began to Make His way towards the caravan point

Galarix Tamerlane wrapped the leash around a giant palm and was for once pleasantly surprised by the men of a city. "Then we all seem to understand each other here." and he too took large strides back the way they had come

Jaym Wolfhunter gestured..."Safe passage from this" He said..."When your feet step from this land...that safe passage is no more" He said..."Be swift..." He said...and then did the Alar Chieftain lift His head towards Galarix..."Let us be off" He said to the fellow...and with that...He was gone from sight...back amongst the comfort...of the Laager

Galarix Tamerlane did let heavy steps fall all the way along the road made less dusty by the rains of days past "Be well ..for now ..warriors .." he said with a laugh and a toss of the leash "Wagons will get you on your way" he motioned to the decrepit thing and then too did turn back to the Laager..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's a girl! Birth..Alar style. ..

Jaym Wolfhunter looked at His mate..."Its about time, afore I go gathering hair for your ass.." Which didnt sound right at all..."For you to have that child...or...childs?" He said

Kanda (kanda.veeper) 's eyes flashed to her Mate "There was once a tribe of panthers ..that dared venture to camp near the Laager before the bosk moved us on. What ..about them?" she suggested as far more wicked thoughts rolled around in her head. "Don't know where they have moved onto though. Or ..Sais does have about a million slaves ." and for once she did not feel like she were exaggerating. "I..don't know. Maybe? maybe.." she said and with a wince ..did think that He actually knew better than she did about these things "We ..should probably find someone that knows what they are doing though..either way .now.."

Kanda (kanda.veeper) looked up as rain drops began to fall down on her from the sky. Rather nice and cooling actually considering that her body had just burst into quite the sweat. Her Mate was most certainly right and she was going to have this baby. Right now. "Son of a .." she winces, her body rolling forward and there was no way she was moving from right where she was. Rain..or not..

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) blinked in the rain ... dropping his jaw lower than perhaps it ever had before. He saw the signs and understood the implications, looking from side to side in desperation before calling out loudly "Sluts! To the fire! Bring ... boiling water or something!" He knelt and then winced up at the sky. "Can you make it to a wagon if I carry you?"

Danaerys Stormcrow walks over to the firepit slowly, setting out the newly stuffed pillows around the circle. She dropped what she was doing and ran to the cook wagon to grab some clean rep cloths and some fresh clean boiling water... which she carried carefully back to Hendrix and Kanda. "Master, what else should I fetch?" She looked at Kanda... petrified, she had never seen anyone give birth and had not the slightest idea what to do. It was times like this when she missed Mika.

Kanda (kanda.veeper) shakes her head furiously and pushes back against the log and cushions which right now were not as soft as she would like. "Nope nope we are not moving .." and she had not expected it to quickly. Rather hit her like a wave. .and not the fun sort "Hendrix.." she whispers and looks to him with eyes more serious than she ever had " you know how to deliver a baby? Or does your slave? " and she would have killed her Mate for falling a sleep now ..if she were able. Beat Him to death with a frying pan

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) frowned his gravest and said simply ... "I've watched ... partly ... through the curtains mostly. So ... no, not really." He shook his head and looked to Dana, hoping she might have. His mind raced back to the many memories. What had the midwife done? What had the slaves fetched. "We need ... plenty of blankets, I think. And ... just ... push, right? And I catch?" He grimaced and motioned with his hands to pantomime catching something at her crotch, then blanched and moved his hands.

Danaerys Stormcrow shoves more pillows behind Kanda trying to make her more comfortable, as she knows the rest will not be comfotable or easy. She watches Hendrix, he had children, surely he knew what he was doing, right? He had totally been there for thier births had he not? She shook her head. "Sorry master, there were no pregnant Talunas during my time in the forest, and had there been, we would have sold those kinds of sisters." she made a face at Hendrix' hands and said softly. "Maybe I should catch... Mistress may not want you all over her... private area."

Kanda (kanda.veeper) had really guessed that would be Hendrix's answer but none of them had much choice in this. Nature ..was not really helping with the showers either. "Right ..i think. I catch..but there is a cord ..and ..only ..if nothing goes wrong.." she took in a few sharp breaths and relaxed against the new cushions behind her . "Maybe she should catch.." she did think but was not totally keen on the idea of a slave catching ..the choices were not many. "We can do this.." she said and knew that a few lives were now in the hands of Hendrix and his slave. And though it had not lasted long ..she had been grateful for that few ehn she was able to breathe more easily ..before she rolled forward in agony again ..her hair now dripping with the rain that had arrived with perfect timing ..

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) was too jittery to laugh at Chile, trying to clear his head. "Chile, find Cayenne. Maybe she has had experience." He had never actually been present for a birth, always escorted outside by the plump midwife until the worst was over, and by that he meant the intense screaming of agony. But, he did know that the more Eve had had, the quicker they seemed to come. He stood, then knelt again and reached for her skirts, then pulled back and stood again. "Chile, you better--no, get Cay, that's right." He nodded, remembering his previous command. He left the skirts alone. There would be no undergarments inhibiting. Not in Gor, he thought, right? Not with Eve anyway. He reached out and patted her shoulder. "You ... will do this," he said, not sure if he was commanding her or comforting her, the rain pattering along his cloak, which he took off and covered Kanda with.

Danaerys Stormcrow grabbed one of the clean rep cloths that she had brought and wiped Kanda's brow. "Yes Mistress.. Perhaps Master, you should wash your hands" she nodded. She wasnt sure but it seemed like the right thing to do. She then nodded and got up, running toward the bosk herd. "Yes Master..." she called out as she ran, unsure if she was heard, but she was going to go get the short haired slave up here to do her duty.

Moria Naimarc paused a bit away from the group, really having no idea what she could do help. Her weight shifted, her face pale at the idea of watching childbirth, and she just waited for a command.

Kanda (kanda.veeper) was so uncomfortable she could not stand it. That was what started the screaming ..more than anything "You are going to bloody well help me .." she said and did what Hendrix for obvious reasons hesitated at. Reached below her throbbing belly to adjust her skirts and get herself into a more ..birthing position "Alright what do i know.." she winced and needed to make surethey all shared information. " come out head first without anything wrapped around its neck." and that was the extent of what she knew actually. Never in her life had she hoped to see a tarn..but right now ..she really hoped to see one considering how fast they were and often carried those who had access to healers. If the bosk could do it though..she could do it. "Why i let Him do this to me!!?" she shouts out across the lands about her Mate whos fault this clearly was.

Danaerys Stormcrow returned to the fire, her chain sister closely behind her. "Master, I brought Cay... " she knelt again hear Kanda and then looked at the Chieftan's wagon. She thought silently that if this was what having babies was all about, she wanted nothing to do with it. The Alar women were tough and could handle it, but Chile was quite content to keep taking slave wine as often as necessary for this not to happen to her. She looked at Hendrix and then at Cay "What comes next?" she watched Kanda's body curl in pain. Handing a clean cloth to Hendrix, she shrugged.

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) trembled with some frustration, looking up quickly and seeing Cay as a possible relief? "You know how to do this?" he asked her, steeling himself for the response of no that might come, upon which he would just have to get to the task and do what needed to be done. The rain was streaming down now, curling round his locks and pattering to the thirsty grasses. "Alright. Fuck. OKay." He turned back to Cay, then to Kanda again, having no idea what to do if the baby didn't come out head first. He took the clean cloth and laid it beneath her between her legs which he spread in a way so wholey unsexual as to surprise him.

Moria Naimarc was soaked by this time. She blinked at the question and went even paler. She'd seen a bosk give birth. Once. Maybe it was the same? The girl moved closer, stepping between the other redhead and the man she'd followed to the camp then took a peek. Holy crap! Is it supposed to look like that? She almost fell backwards as she saw everything all... stretched. "I don't think there's much time left. Mistress... did your water break?"

Kanda (kanda.veeper) ...would have had tears running down her face. Did actually but probably would not be noticed with the rain streaming over her cheeks "Fast fast.." she mutters and didn't actually know if the baby was coming fast ..or that was such a deep pain that she just assumed that an explosion of some sorts was imminent. "Stick to bite on!!" she screams and then takes those few precious ehns she had between fits of breathe.Faster it might be than the last time..but hurt less did not. No one was probably going to be nice and make and incision anywhere to help her out..either. "i...think it must have broken though i honestly have no clue .." and at this point she was pretty much sitting in a pile of wet. Some maybe her ..some maybe rain. Either way she could not see to check "Must have if you can see..things.." though she could only guess what they were seeing "GAMES!!" she shrieked seeing the woman "Tell me you have a healer ..or know what you are doing .." and the panic..was starting to set in a bit

Kanda (kanda.veeper): ..though she knew that Hendrix at least would do everything possible to get her through this ..even if it was only so shecould live to kill the Chieftain later ..

Danaerys Stormcrow caught Cay, and even made room for her, she was not about to get in the way of someone a bit more knowledgeable than her on these things. "Cay, what can I get you?" Her gaze travelled from the slave to Kanda and back. She smiled in acknowledgement to Games and said a soft "Greetings Mistress" She was actually glad to have another woman here... one who possibly could help. She ran back to the wagon to get more clean cloths and let Cay help with the birth.

playmate Gothly marched up the trail leading into the Laager ..the road was sippery now obviously as rain was pouring down washing off the little dirt there was on the hills making it all muddy ..Games huffed frustrated like usualy trying to get her feet from the sticky floor for one step after another "Tal..uhm.." she called into the rain after for her surprise she saw a group of people sitting in the falling water like thirsty cactuses"uh ..Kanda???" she then asked or yelped more like being in disbelief and after a few moments of gathering herself she ran to her telling her a little ...white lie "Oh dont worry Kanda i know ...exactly...what to do..." ..

Danaerys Stormcrow sighed in relief and stepped gladly out of Games' way. "Thank the gods you're here Mistress!" she said and hugged the clean cloths to her chest trying to keep them dry, her hair and clothes now clinging to her. "Cay, maybe we can shield the Mistress from some of this downpour?"

Moria Naimarc went to open her mouth to respond to the other redhead, but the other free woman came up. That was enough for her to slide on to the side and let the other one take over. After all, she'd said she knew what to do! But, the short haired girl spoke up anyway, "Cloths. Lots of cloths. Bit of leather to bite down on too." With the pressure Kanda would surely exert on the stick it would either chip her teeth, or break the stick. The girl went about picking up pillows and put them behind her to support her back so she could be in a more upright position. Easier to push that way, right? "Bend your knees, Mistress. Don't push yet." She'd be backhanded for sure, but hey. Had to help, right?

Danaerys Stormcrow lifted Hendrix' cloak from Kanda's shoulders and handed one end to Cay so that they could hold it like a tarp, shielding Kanda from the monsoon that had seemed to arrive just as she was giving birth. She saw the blood pooling underneath the Alar woman and tossed the clean cloths to Hendrix. "Master, she will need those." she nodded.

Kanda (kanda.veeper) really didn't care who it was that was looking at her vagina right now as long as it was someone who had some sense of what to do. "Perfect!!" she didn't even think to question it. Games could have been a herd of thralls ..and if they knew what they were doing ..they would have gotten to view gaping snatch. If only there were words ..beyond hellfire to describe the pain that smacked her next..or the scream that she let out into the camp.. "Odins nutsack i want to push !!" she screams but didn't she really could not see what was going on so just bent up her legs and grew fast impatient for something to bit on...

Danaerys Stormcrow ran back to the cook pots and grabbed the wooden spoon there, charging back as fast as she could. She handed the spoon to Kanda, since she didnt want to give her just some dirty old stick to shove in her mouth. "Mistress, bite the handle" she said out of breath.

Danaerys Stormcrow picks up her end of the makeshift tarp again and holds it taut over Kanda.

Moria Naimarc shook her head at that, "She needs something with give. You've never been beaten before?" Apparently, the short haired girl had. She ran to get some leather and came back, "Mistress, use this instead. Less damage to your teeth."

Danaerys Stormcrow made a mental note to beat Cay after this birth, she had had enough of the girl's mouth when Chile hadn't even been mean to her. She stowed the thought, though, as there were more pressing matters at hand. She looked around for the chieftan, surely he would not want to miss this, would he? She eyed Hendrix as she held the tarp, and then looked at Games, waiting for any command that she might give.

playmate Gothly did not have all te qualities needed for this job but what she did have was clear mind..suprisingly...she had seen few delivers before but she wasnt really the one to jump in action with others to help and all"try to breathe to calm yourself maybe?" she ordered and knelt in the mud between Kandas spread legs where she could get a good wiev of not so goodlooking bits..however the sight wasnt too important at this point . Games wiped her hands in one of he cloths and to make sure if its surely the time to push yet she had to feel Kandis naughty bits and the opening"I think i can feel something...head maybe?" she mumbled " unsurely kind of but it was the best she could do right now"If you feel the need to push Kanda it.."

Kanda (kanda.veeper) was all too happy for a spoon handle and shoved it in her mouth. Her lips snarling over it as her teeth sank into the oddly soft bit of wood. If she was drooling ..might be hard to say with the rain but it also seemed to serve as something to stifle her screams with. The leather that she traded it out for when given was great for both as well..and did actually hurt her teeth less. She did ..need to push though. No lack of healer, Mate or buckets of pouring rain was likely to stop that. Her eyes shot to her Mate as she screamed around the bit of leather and sword that something good had just torn. As always ..His timing seemed to be rather perfect. Somehow she had faith that He knew what to do here. Trying to breathe was easier said than done...but she was trying.

Moria Naimarc just held the tarp and shifted her weight from foot to foot. The other redhead could -try- to beat her later, but boy would she be in for a surprise. As the woman screamed she winced and went even paler, locking her knees to keep from falling.

Jaym Wolfhunter had finished polishing the pieces that had been sullied...dirt was not pleasing on the carved stone that made up the board game figures...He paused..."What...the...WHAT THE....." He roared...and then did He begin rampaging about..."ODINS BEARDED NUTSACK..." He roared...completely off guard..."Why...what..." He said...then did He move closer...He leaned over...having birthed calves aplenty..."Do not push too hard...its head will be misshapen" He said...regaining calm

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) wheeled round to spy Games and with relief, backed away from those bits and the other bit that protruded through them. His eyes shot up to the exchange of biting tools as his two sluts fought over the most useful. He cursed and was sure to beat them both if they beat not each other. Then Jaym showed up and he stood, relieved further, and simply handed Jaym his own knife for the cutting that may soon be needed. He took a deep breath and waited.

Jaym Wolfhunter looked at Hendrix...a nod was given...He spoke low, hoping that it was low enough..."It cannot be that difficult can birth?" He asked..."They are very loud about it" He said quietly...and then having taken the knife...He nodded again...Then to His mate..."Breathe..." It seemed like good advice

playmate Gothly was nervous for sure ..her hands wer shaking and her sight was blurred for the water dripped down her dark bangs , srands of stray hair sticking to her face "oh dear..." she could just mumble something like "oh dear...." there was not much she could do before the head was seen "push woman re doing good!" she cheered Kanda on ignoring the Chieftain for she was too focused on the mother

Kanda (kanda.veeper) had already pretty much covered most of what her Mate had just said. Utterings about nutsacks and Odin. If her mouth was not full..oh there were so many choice words for the Man who right now she had no fear of ..since she already blamed Him for this pain..tearing from between her legs. The rain that still found its way around the tarp..blown under was a cool relief and probably kept her far more calm than anything else. "ukk oo." she growls around the strip of leather and clenched down harder, the urge to push had not ever been stronger though it felt like almost all of her energy was lost already. Was lucky for her Mate too..that she did not have the ears of a leem..or that little comment to Hendrix might have been paid for later by frying pan. "shop shaying oh ear!!" she growls at Games since hearing oh dear over and over was hardly comforting ..not that all that much was at the moment ...

Jaym Wolfhunter heard the words muttered from around wood..."You, aught not speak with your mouth full woman" He said..."Too, having dicerned your words...That offer...while enticing...I must regretfully decline" He said...though, He...that Alar Chieftain...did take a smallish step backwards...

Danaerys Stormcrow ignored the other bond for the moment, she was worried about Kanda.... and now she was worried about Jaym, knowing that he was not saying theright thing to the pregnant woman at all. She watched intently, though, hoping to learn something, so that the next time this happened, she would be more helpful. She shot the other redhead a dirty look and let her lip curl slightly. Her eyes went to each of the faces that she could see and she turned a whiter shade of pale as she glanced the blood.

Moria Naimarc pretty much ignored the other bond completely as she had earlier. She was too intent no not passing out right there. Give her the most disgusting, the most vile chores and she was fine. See a child being born? That'd make her pass out right there. Even her lip started to sweat as her stomach churned, the rain pouring down her body, short hair plastered to her head.

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) raised a brow, trying to decipher the words issuing from Kanda like a firestorm. "I believe she said 'love ... you,' he mentions to Jaym, though somewhat embarassed to relay the mushy phrase. He folded his arms and continued to wait, tapping his foot now and thinking of the lute he had strung to his back. He pulled it off and began to plunk at it a tune he had been working on.

playmate Gothly jumped on her spot after Kanda´s wakeup call to her mumbling ..Games bit her lip and after having a short break ok Kanda´s ripping naughty bits she commented"try to breahe instead of trying to talk !"

Jaym Wolfhunter 's eyes slid to Hendrix...He mused over His shoulder..."She is a caring woman...of that there is no doubt" He uttered with knife held before Him...He looked at His mate...His chin lifted...using it to point..."Your a lovely shade of red" He said...trying to be helpful

Kanda (kanda.veeper) was really too busy to do much talking. She was impressed that her Mate had managed to translate what she said. Brilliant Man though right now if she could stand or move..she might have actually tried to rip off His moustache and see how He liked it. Normally ..if He had declined ..she would have maybe.maybe been insulted. Not this time though. There was darkness that crept into the corner of her eyes and she wondered if maybe .just maybe the pain was enough that she might pass out. Somehow though..she was just not that lucky a woman. She did hear the instructions Games gave between her cries. Talking ..was bad. She locked her eyes on her Mate and just ..pushed with all that she had left. Surely by now ..there had to be a head felt like it was a fully grown bosk already pushing between her legs. If only reaching in and just riping it out ..was an option..

playmate Gothly blinked to be sure she saw right and the back of her hand wiped the water off her eyes "I can see the head!" she called out and placed her hands below it ready to help it out"Good Kanda...just a little more!!"

Jaym Wolfhunter rapt was like watching a herd of bosk running through a field full of bound was gruesome...and yet...facinating...He too saw the head crown...and spoke quickly..."Go easy...lest you rip its ears off" He said

Kanda (kanda.veeper) knew it was more than a little more and she fell back against the cushions and let out a highly pathetic moan. Already she was so beyond exhausted and the biggest part was yet to come. Right now it was a bit of her versus this child ..and no baby was going to beat her. She let her eyes drift filled with tears into the rain and mustered up what seemd to be power from not this planet as she bared down hard once more and thought the leather might snap between her teeth or her eyes might pop out at her Mate as they turned back with His ..suggestion. An alar with no ears would be tragic..but she had bigger problems right now her whole body ripping in two. Amidst all the pain though..she did realize that this might be the most public birthing from a free woman..she had ever hear about.

Jaym Wolfhunter tucked the knife into His belt..."Son of a fuckign whore shit damn fuck..." He said as the Chieftain did infact...stab Himself...He was going to be a new father...cut Him some slack...even He might get nervous...if only slightly...He took from His belt...a length of binding was a multi use stuff...and then did He wait...It, that fiber would be used for one of two either A) Tie of the umbilical as not to bleed all over...or B) Bind his mate...that He might make a speedy escape should she find her feet and seek vengence

Apollina (apollina.palmira) steps back into the circle feeling an energy of thickness in the air as she looks around catching immediate sight of Kanda upon hearing her distress and position..."omg what is going on is she ready to give birth" she said alerted and alarmed having delievered a few in her time, she asked, "what has been done so far " gasping as she hears music fill the air

Jaym Wolfhunter spoke without pause..."Well, first...We got naked in the wagon..." He began..."or was it against a tree in the matters not" He began to regale the woman on what had been done thus far

Danaerys Stormcrow watched, her eyes fixed on what Games was doing. She did her best to shield Kanda from the rain, though it seemed like a fruitless endeavor, as they were all soaked to the skin at this point. She shot Cay a dirty look and went back to what she was doing, hoping that the birth would go smoothly and that the baby would, in fact, have ears. Her eyes glanced at Jaym and the fiber, wondering what he could possibly be doing with it... she had never heard of a man tying anyone up at a birth, but it could be an Alar tradition that she'd had yet to hear of.

illy (illyria.kozlov) moved up the hill, a bucket of milk was discarded by the kitchen before she walked to the group. She smiled before she spoke, quiet enough to not disturb but loud enough to be heard "Masters, Mistresses, greetings" She simply sent a smile to the slaves before she focused on the Free again.

Apollina (apollina.palmira) eyes widen with scorn, "regale" she asked then keep a steady vigil of sight upon Kanda and if anyone was helping. She had read in her teaches Alar were different when it came with births and new borns

Danaerys Stormcrow turned her head and nodded to Illy and then motioned to Kanda who was in the throes of birth as the pale slave approached.

playmate Gothly couldnt help but frown on the comments made by the Chief..."men..." she thought..however that thought went as fast as it came and as Kanda pushed again she saw the head coming through ,,Games placed one hand under the babys head and other she helped as much as she could to get it out "Last time Kanda push real hard!" she ordered "Chief are you ready to cut the cord?" she asked then and looked up to the slaves that had to be there and ready to rap up th baby as soon as it was out

Moria Naimarc still ignored the other slave holding the cloak over Kanda, and was intently staring at a spot in the distance. She'd begun to waver slightly back and forth, her lips pressed tightly together in a vain attempt to calm herself down. Her breaths came faster, face as pale as death, her eyes wide. Unless someone asked her something specific, she was pretty much oblivious.

Jaym Wolfhunter then did His attention return to the woman who was infact...laying splay thighed in the middle of the Laager...for all the world to see her stuff and things...He turned to Games..."One moment..." He said, then nodded..."I am ready...I I ready?" He asked...then did He return His focus..."Yes, I am ready" He said

Kanda (kanda.veeper) 's eyes were already huge but would have gotten huger if they could have as her Mate decided to stab Himself. Better than a frying pan. Oh the words that would come from her if she had an drop of extra energy and an unclenched jaw. All she coudl do though was push and push like her life depended on it. The rain had just tuned everything into a muddy mess and mostly ..she just had one focus. Baby ..out One last push..she hoped..and damn well tried with a scream that came not from her lips ..but from the very core of her belly ..was time..

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) turned to Bloodaxe and grunted. It was a strange woman with strange words, taking up his arm and keeping her away from kanda, as if in his distrust for her, thought she might do some harm. He turned back to Jaym and nodded and finally turned back toward the child entering this world among such a crowd.

Jaym Wolfhunter though did speak calmly...over His shoulder to the woman called...well...He could not remember her name..."And an Omguh?" He inquired...always ready to learn of a new peoples traditions...

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) remembered the wad of fresh rep clothes handed him by Chile and did shoot forth the arm toward Games saying "Here," and then looked to the sky and did see a break in the clouds far off.

Apollina (apollina.palmira) frowns to Hendrix as he attempted to push her away, "dont push me Alarian" she said almost in a daring tone in her voice, her gaze went to games who she did not know and prayed she knew what to do. She inched closer chin pratically resting upon Hendrix's shoulder as she looks over his towering size....she whispered ..."you test me Alarian" she said in a hiss eyes steady upon Kanda if there were surgery of some sort needed...

playmate Gothly was now holdin a health little babygirl in her hands still waiting for te slaves to comw with te cloths ..the rainy air was now filled with babys cry and Games´s heart filled with joy as well as her eyes filled with tears...good thing it was raining there! "The cord,,,Chief?!" she said but looked up to the girls "clean clothes and blanket, NOW!"

Danaerys Stormcrow watches the struggle between her Master and the strange woman that was not of the Alar. She seemed overly interested in the birth for some reason, when most others were concerned for the welfare of the child and mother alike. She looked at Illy since she and Cay were shielding Kanda from the rain with Hendrix' cloak. "Will you go get the clothes?"

illy (illyria.kozlov)'s eyes went wide, looking at Kanda as she pushed, in pain, sweaty and all. "Oh my...." she started "by Odin's.... Oh my..." She just coulldn't think straight and her mouth stayed open for the longest time before she finally managed a coherent thought. The woman's words woke her up and she darted away, not sure if some other slaves actually had what was needed already, having more than not enough couldn't hurt though.

Jaym Wolfhunter reached with the fiber...and without pause were two capture knots tied about two horts apart...then He, that Chieftain took the blade...and He severed the umbilical cord...He paused...and looked at His mate..."You did...perfectly" He said...calm in His voice

Kanda (kanda.veeper) pretty much collapsed back against the cushions feeling an amazing sense of relief considering that she was still in a lot of pain. Also..she felt amazingly light just an instant. There was still more to come ..she knew ..but the sound of crying ..loud ..was enough to give her just a moment of pause to spit the leather out and take a breath. She had no idea if she was going to need stitching ..and really didn't care. Afterbirth..would likely come with one easy any time. "Healthy?" she moans out and that ..was all that mattered.. ..and the word perfectly ..was all she needed to hear from Him before just had a very womanly sob.

playmate Gothly smiled for a moment and spoke"Its a Girl" ..however she had no glue what to do next

illy (illyria.kozlov) ran back, her arms full with a pile of clean cloths, two blankets and off each of her elbows, wet cloths were hanging, to clean the baby and the mother alike. When she arrived to Games' side, she did her best to kneel, putting herself to her level so things could be taken from her arms.

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) noted the daughter born, even as the rain began to let up, dripping less vigorously, the wind dying down somewhat, though all present were surely drenched. He turned to Bloodaxe with a raised brow. "I will test who I please. Are you a midwife?"

Apollina (apollina.palmira) looks to him and allows his words to be as the are not to add more stress to the situation..."I have studied yes with my aunts city, who taught me well, my father wanted all women to know of healing arts, I was reknown for more of the surgical end of things, it seems Kanda is going to be fine"

Jaym Wolfhunter spoke calmly..."Her name...will be Mika Rose" He said...and then did He stand.."I have a daughter...and the first of you swine that look at her crossways...will wake up dead" He said to the passing outriders...already did He despise them...and then did His gaze fall on the Commander of the Larls Fang..."And You..." He said...turning to stalk towards the slayer of women..."you...are not to get within a pasang of My Daughter ...and if you see her coming...You are to divert your course..." He said...

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) nodded with a grunt. He did not trust the woman farther than he could throw her, but she seemed in earnest. "Look to be sure then," he said, allowing her to move past him if she wished and if Jaym did not stop her. He looked then up at Jaym and laughed out right.

Apollina (apollina.palmira) thinks the woman is protected well

Danaerys Stormcrow smiled at Jaym's words to Hendrix, truly he knew the man well.

Kanda (kanda.veeper) ..was more than a mess but it was the best sort of mess and alll that killing of her Mate that she had just wanted to do seemed to leave with the rain and the pain. "Love You.." she said with her eyes closed but right now ..hearing Him already protecting their new daughter with word that she herself would live ..could not have found a happier moment. "I will need to feed her ..soon.." she whispers though was glad to have least a little rest before the work that was motherhood began anew for her.

Apollina (apollina.palmira): "well she will have to pass the placenta next and it will come soon just as if she was giving birth a second time, then I can check if there is any stitching needed" she said and then moved to Kanda's side beginning to take her pulse, reading her vitals with a trained eye

Moria Naimarc eyed the strange woman as she approached Kanda, and her lips pressed together a bit tighter. Good thing she didn't see any blood or what not. She'd have seriously fallen out right there.

Jaym Wolfhunter was well pleased at this turn of events...and then He paused...He turned to Hendrix..."When Sorath, that vagrant son of Mine was born...verily did we spread word amongst the walled places of Gor...again this aught be done..." He said...

playmate Gothly looked to the stranger and raised a brow "Welll what are you waiting for then...come and help us out !" she squeeked as her ideas were pretty much out now ..she saw Illy there and smiled taking a clean cloth atfirst ently wiping the baby clean as much as possible..this little girl was so little and fragile it ws hard for Games to deal with..obviously it made her wonder why she herself and Ermes didnt have a baby though after seeing the procedure she wasnt sure she wanted to be in Kanda´s shoes

Kanda (kanda.veeper) decided that the woman, even if not Alar seemed to know her stuff from what she was hearing from the sides. "Would you let the woman help me here please?" she asked of the Men and appreciated Game's help but was not so sure she could sort of tell this was not the womans element. "You are all standing right here ..i will be fine.."

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) nodded, remembering the deed accomplished, grinning and turning to what Larl's Fang outriders were within shouting distance. He tore through the air a voice of clear pride. "Saddle the thalarions! Raise the banners! We ride the ride of proclamation! The ride of Alar glory for the birth of his daughter!!"

Danaerys Stormcrow watched her chain sister and hoped that the girl wouldnt pass out. All she needed right now was to have to drag another heavy body back to the slave wagon. She didn't have it in her.

playmate Gothly stood and took a blanket from illy which she wrapped the baby and moved away to make room for the stranger woman"There you go Kanda well done" was what se said in almost whispers and placed the baby on Kanda´s chest

illy (illyria.kozlov) grinned as she peered over the pile of blankets and clothes at the little girl "Oddin! She's precious!" she turned to look at Kanda "just gorgeous Mistress!" She couldn't help but be completely giddy and melting at the sight of the little pink bundle of flesh. She didn't realise that her brain, at the sight of the oversized head on that chubby body was producing endorphines, like it would is she saw a kitty, or a really cute animal. To her, it was just the cutest baby ever.

Jaym Wolfhunter then nodded...and His hand clasped the Commanders Shoulder..."Ride well..." He said...and then did He lean in..." is an excuse to make way from the Laager...they, these women will be a gaggle of emotion for hands to come" He said...

ALARS MOVE TOWARDS TREVE - by Willow Jenipe of the Vonda Voice

By Willow Jenipe
Story told by Jaym Wolfhunter

The Alars have come down from their mountain home, following their bosk, and have settled in Boswell Pass, gateway to the Barrens, near Treve.  An Alar spokesman said that they "did not pick the move.  The bosk did.  We simply ensure that they are well fed."

"We are famed tellers of stories...all of them true mind you...though, one in particular drives the formation of this Laager," the Alar chieftain  said calmly when I visited their laager.

"I am rumored to be called Jaym," he began in a low tone...not quite full throated speech...and not quite a whisper...that middle ground that was like fog in the air.  "Said by some to be the Chieftain of the Alar... also rumored to be a story teller of some great stature... a poet unequalled... and a keen negotiator.

"Many years ago... the Bosk of the Alar were followed by My People... the leader of which was is not widely known that the Alar do not always travel together... but oft times the herds are divided, that they might find easier pastures.

"Our fraction was a large one, two full rings of wagons comprised the Laager of the Southern Alar...and inside was enough room to practice at full speed the maneuvers of cavalry upon the field...for if it is not known...the Alar are the greatest of cavalrymen upon Gor... too, the saddle tharlarion is the greatest of beasts upon Gor.... be that held as truth... the story continues.

"The bosk roamed, the Alar followed as is the way... rarely are the bosk actually herded except perhaps that they might remain a loose gathering, until upon the horizon there was spied the walls of a city.

"We had never been there... and upon the bench of the wagon... riding along with My father... I saw the walls of Torcadino.  I recall vividly the shouts that went out from the outriders... a one word cry that rang out from all points of the compass... "City" they cried... and the horn that hangs on the saddle of every Alar was blown... the dust raised in a cloud that could assuredly be seen from many pasangs away as they rode in rough circles ever inward... bringing the bosk close to the wagons... all the while, the wagons were forming the tight circle that was the posture taken when the outcome of such meetings were unknown.

 "When finally the wagons were drawn in a tight knit circle, called a Laager, the Outriders came to the center of the Laager and waited.  I will never forget, as a child is wont to remember, the flap of the Chief being opened, and Him stepping from the Wagon onto the Ground.

"ALAR!!!!" He cried and a roar rang out that shook the Sardar.  My eyes were like two white platters as they bulged at the fury that burned in My blood even then.  "Riders of the Alar, the city before us - is called Torcadino... it sits upon the crossroads of Gor... and is ripe with what We might need... Then again... we might not," he said as the gathered Riders chuckled amongst themselves.  The Chief slowly turned...then paused and said in a voice that was as full of malice and any I have ever heard...."form up....." was all He said.

"The Chief, who was called Thenarix, then moved to His tharlarion and stepped upon the stirrup and climbed upon the saddle as One who has done so many times before.  He paused, and I was glorious I tell you, glorious.

"My father then stood... and said nothing... just tussled My hair... and looked at Me an ihn... before moving to the back of the wagon and unleashed the tharlarion that was tethered there.  When next I saw Him, He was upon the tharlarion’s back, the lance couched in its holder at his right boot.  He paused a moment, and said to Me, "Care for Your Mother boy...Tend to the Bosk...the Bosk will live..." then He rode off...the plume of dust adding to the gathered cloud that already stung My eyes...for they were watering greatly.

"The Outriders of the Alar formed into their flights... and the flights into their loosely formed companies, and the wagons parted... so that the city of Torcodino was in full view... the Chief Thenarix raised the carved horn that hung upon His saddle...and blew a long low that brings a tremor to My bones even to this day...and the Group that was Alar, much larger than the contingent of this laager...began to move.

"Slowly the Alar upon the saddle tharlarion began to gain speed...and the pots and pans that hung inside our wagon began to shake...striking each other with each light blows...the tharlarion gained speed...and the earth shook more...the dust rose...and I lost sight of the Alar that rode to take what they wished....for that is the way of My people...I remember hearing a soft sobbing...muffled...and turning to see My mother busy at mending a shirt of My father's...though I could not see her face...I knew that she was crying...roars were heard in the distance...and the faint clink of steel on steel could be heard as well...the battle must have begun...I did not know until that point...that the coming of the Alar...was already known to the People and the Ubar of Torcadino.

"It was then, that I heard a flurry of screams cry out from in and around the Camp... and strange Men, in bright red tunics and cloaks rode through the Camp on kailla... their swords dripped with blood... and the cries of children could be heard as well... I clambered into the back of the wagon without thought and took from its sheath the sacramasax of My father.  The Alar are well versed in the use of such weapons, even as children.  It was the only game We played.

"I leapt from the back of the wagon... and thought Myself Alar Outrider as I stood steady... a warrior of Torcodino bore down on Me from kailla back... with no more than a glance.. .the Man struck Me on the side of My head with the flat of His sword.

"I woke bound... My eyes... blurry... and I could not remember what happened after that for some time... .later however I learned bits and pieces.... gathered as I grew... for I was brought far and given to a family to raise.

"I spent My formative years in the care of a Man named Navarre in the Mountainous City of Thentis.  The Ubar of Torcodino knew how important the Children of the Alar were and so, before the Southern Alar arrived despatched warriors so that once the Men of the Alar were in pitched battle the Children could be taken.

"I am a Man now and have plied My trade far across Gor, learned from some, taught others, I have been of the Scarlet Caste, I have been a slaver.  I have sat long ahn contemplating movements of Kaissa with Men much smarter than I, those things though made Me who I am, too, they showed Me what I must do...for now...I gather the Lost Children...of the Alar"

He sunk His head into His hands for He was tired, then dragged His fingertips through His hair.  He looked up, his eyes bleary.

"And that... is the Story."

"That, is one of our tales," he concluded.  "They are many and each more amazing than the last."

"So when you speak of the Alar... know that amongst them no weakness is harbored...Men hard live here...Women solid...and slaves...those that survive the wrath of our women...are the finest on Gor - for if they are not...they are sleen food".

"I wish you well enough... Willow of Lake Ngao," he said, turning away.  "You will pardon Me.  Work... continues."

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hendrix fighting Phoenix in Victoria

Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) felt his curiousity rise. "We must speak more of the ambitions of ubaras. I will tell you of my three year plan and I think you will find it good." He turns and grimaces at Kanda. "Keep a thrall for you? Nay!" He waits a moment and says it again. "Nay!" He shudders and drops his axe with a clank to the city ground, lunging forward and picking up speed, moving toward the large man with eager building speed. He grinned all the while, his mind whiring with calculations. He was not full of wrath now, only the pleasure of a fight. He hated the pleasantries of discussing the fight, and so he made a first move, heading straight for the man, then stopping as on a copper tarsk a few paces away, still and straigh, eyes gleaming. He cared not for the taunts concerning south men, who he knew little about nor cared. "Let's fight then," he spoke enthusiastically, and with clenched jaw, he let a right hook fly toward the high and sturdy face.
Vodka Clarity folded her arms beneath her bountiful bosom, her verdant orbs already pointedly fixated on the opponent. Onya relished this moment, finding great joy in the brutal exchange that was to come. She lived vicariously through the boughs of warriors, celebrating their victory and luxuriating in the feast of blood that satisfied her most carnal senses. She placed a hand on Phoenix’s shoulder and bid him a victorious match before withdrawing and taking her place beside her follow kinsmen.
Phoenix (kytor.silverblade) grinned "Nae, we dont bae looking for the kill .. it's the knockdown" He said, as He reached back and flipped His cloak and shoulderpads of His form, too He reached over and discareded both axes, though for traidition hung on to His sword, and then lay aside HIs bow "I bae good to go, when you bae feeling fit for it, Hendrix" He spoke as He slammed His right fit into HIs left palm, and proceeded to crack His knuckles and grip incessantly to warm His fists up
Ansleys Ashbourne looks around and she sighes" doona be fighting with wit are ye? Bae fist right? Try to nay kill each other, thne I doona have a mess to heal or nuthing" Her emeralbs orbs flash as she was everyone. She thought of Eir and wishes she had some bit o wisdom to help prevent bl;oodshed
Kanda (kanda.veeper) tosses up her hands. She was never getting a thrall of any sort..and she had tried a few varieties "Fine. If i need wood lifted..i come to you lot.." and she narrows an eye and wiggles a finger to the Alar Men before being fully distracted by Hendrix moving like a bosk just getting ready to rage. There it was. Her breath bated and fists quickly clenching as his did fly and it should be officially "on" Such sights really just did thrill her right to the core.
Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) had, of course, stripped as he strode up to Phoenix, the better to flex and fling sweat on ogling onlookers.
Phoenix (kytor.silverblade) slyly drew back as the man seemingly lunged at Him, too He noted the fist flying but it was too late at that point as he took a decisive strike to His face, for it, His head spun about a bit, but probably less than the alaar hed expected, as He spat out a slight of blood, and used the moment to cock His left, and swung it hard in a bow from low to high as He sough to hit the man's solar plexus
Honey (liashlee.inaka) immediately took closer interest once Hendrix stripped, nearly falling off the table.
MOUSE (shadow.inaka): sibracelets
Crimson (akiel.martian) slammed his right hand into his left hand, "..come on brotha, tear the oaff down, if ye' can take a punch from me, surely ye' can take one from him!!", he called aloud, noding in a quipt manner. Emerald hues looking briefly to Hendrix's opponent, he scoffed a bit and shook his head, the Blacksmith was a touch jealous of his sibling, having the chance to fight such an opponent.
Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) had risen his solid left arm once his right hook had been initiated, expecting a return attack, but not one quite so quick as was given. The man was large ... and fast, and his head seemed planted on his shoulders like a tree with deep roots. He heard his sword brother's cry and grinned, knocking the fist only slightly from its mark, the force still able to lift Hendrix and plant him back down to solid earth a pace back. He then ducked and rose with an uppercut to the jaw.
MOUSE (shadow.inaka) gasped in shock seeing the jarl from her own lands fighting with actual honor and she secretly rooted for him , she gave no expression on her face as she watched and held close to her Jarl , but inside she was excited as it seemed to her it was an us against the Alar thing a wl as man against man , she looked around at the others from the land of the alar and hoped a larger fight didnt break out
Ansleys Ashbourne groans softly" comma now! Ye better hit ihm harder than that! That big Torive not goona even blink from a hit like that!"

Honey (liashlee.inaka) rested one hand on Rocky's shoulder, the other on Crimson's, standing up on her toes and staring intently into the midst of the crowd, eager to watch the blows begin to fly. Her initial distraction at the revelation of so much Outrider flesh had given over to her anticipation of the fist fight.
Vodka Clarity glowered in Akiel’s direction, her verdant orbs regarding him intently from behind the rays of darkness that formed her lustrous lashes. With the next entanglement of fists her attention was promptly returned to the brawling men as she continued to feast upon their exchange.

Rocky Balzibo turns to his left looking down at Mika, not that he thought she was inferior, he was just so much taller. And standing on a pillow didnt help either. Leaning down he cups his hands around his mouth close to her ear and whispers. "See that bush over there" points to the left "Meet me there in 5 minutes for my signing bonus." after completing his whisper he stands up straight and casually glanzes around to see if anyone heard what he had said.

Masika Moonwing spins on her toes, smacking Rocky soundly across the face "Can you not see when a woman is mated and bulging with chaid" she feighned disgust, but no one would buy it, likely as they were old friends. She too began to pay more attention to Hendrix and Phoenix as the brawl started to heat up.
Masika Moonwing: *child
Phoenix (kytor.silverblade) Moved as quick as He could as he somehow managed to plan for that precise move, though he had intially depreciated the man's speed, He was impressed, and as thand came swinging he Had the good fortune of being partially exposed, enough so to leand back at the crucial moment given to react, though the strike caught His lip and tore it a slight.. Frustrated he even took that He flung His right arm in a similar manner, further empowered by the iron chains wrapped around His bracers, as it added weight to His punch, it wasn't as controlled as He'd have liked and was more of a haymaker, as random chance would predict His swing's impact or not
Crimson (akiel.martian) did not even regard the guesture from Rocky, left hand casually reaching out to attempt to grip at Rocky's hat and pull it over his eyes, "..what ever ye' asked for, the answer is no.", he said in an abscent minded manner. He did not hear the whispers, but from Mika's reaction, he could have imagined what it was. He was chuckling a bit, before he caught the female whom glared at him from across the small arena, tilting his head a bit to one side in amusment before he said, "..go brotha Hendrix!"

Kanda (kanda.veeper) had been standing there with lungs full of air that was quickly going stale. It was the burn of it perhaps that kept her from screaming in a manner that would be so very fun but not all that appropriate. Each move left her face slowly flushing deeper red. The sounds of impact seemed somehow louder with the rock surrounding them and under them. Finally before black takes over her vision she hisses out the breath with a soft whisper of "Maybe he is into that" and she had not heard the first comment but Mikas reaction made it pretty obvious. Maybe two fights yet to be had. "Oh ow.." she slipped a hand to her own lips spotting the glimmer of blood in between the fighters already well going. "Bah....break the ugly he hides with that beard!!" she...guessed anyway that it was ugly.

Rocky Balzibo takes the slap like a man. He wouldnt have expected anything else, Rockys ability to think ahead in time was seriously flawed. He did things, then stuff happend, it had been like that since he was a little child. "Mika, now really. Does all that matter? One friend to another..." he stops short as Crimson tries to steal his hat but he happily dodges back in an attempt not to lose his beloved hat. He falls down on his ass, luckily the nice pillow broke the fall and he stays down since he knows the view can be very good from down below if the skirts are not too long.

Honey (liashlee.inaka) reaches down to the surface of the table while everyone is focused on the fight at hand, lifting one of the tankards of ale left behind by whoever it was that had joined the circle of onlookers. She takes a deep drink, then another, covering her mouth with her hand to stifle any unseemly belches. Quickly, so she wouldn't be noticed, hidden from view from those across the way by the ones in front of her, and safe from her own Owner's glance as they were watching the brawlers. She set the tankard back down, beginning to cheer with gusto, bouncing up and down on the table. "GO MASTER SLEEN!"

Ansleys Ashbourne snorts softly" Ye can do better! He nuthing but a southern! Hit im in the jawl!" sHe cries out. She was somewhat found of Phoenix, more sorta becuase he appealed to everythingnorthern in her.
MOUSE (shadow.inaka) siply held close to her Jarl watching she was insecure around groups and scooted almost siting between his legs peeking out at the fight hoping Jarl Phoenix kicked butt

Zairoq Serrao: Feeling his little one between his legs he almost for got she was there and hoped that the excitement did not set off one of her fits as this would mean he would have to carry her out of here
Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) felt energized by the brawl, and thrilled by the feel of frustration imminating from the large man like the blood from his lip. It was the first of many cuts from both sides, he was sure, confident that this would not be a quick match. The left uppercut was followed by a right, or would have been had the flying fist of savage doom not completely stopped his momentum and redirected Phoenix's wild plunge right into his own nose with a crack and a splatter of blood. It hadn't been a hard hit, but a square one, and Hendrix blinked before countering with a quick step to the man's right side, decreasing the distance and rocketing two quick jabs to the face and a strong left blow to the stomach. He breathed deep through his mouth.
Crimson (akiel.martian) found himself hopping up and down ever slightly, he grinned wide and looked over to first Mika and then Honey, "..wonder if they mind if I go next..", he said with that wide childish grin, cheeky as always. His hand shifted about to crack his knuckles, and he was looking downright antsy, a terrible fact that he and Hendrix had the love of a good fight in common.
Phoenix (kytor.silverblade) Bent over forward as His eair escaped Him from the unexpected combination, and He felt the punishment inherent to this man's punch, as His skin had a frail elelment to it, both hits leaving gashes displaying on HIs face, but He wasn't phased as much as frustrated that He had no time to dodge that one, the violent sound of flesh punishing flesh inherent in the area, as He growled, His fists seeking retaliation, His reaction to the guthit was top step back, as the left came in weak, but served it's purpose, as He braced, and the right soon followed, the left having served it's puprose on angling his face towards His right fist for a fuller impact
Kanda (kanda.veeper) winces hard and shoots up onto her toes. It was rather ..a crunchy situation. Now that she looked at Hendrix closer to the Man she had rather tossed him at , she now realized..he looked a little ..smaller. At least from her angle. Was pretty darn common with the Laager Men though and might just make not a difference in the world if not be an advantage. She leans in toward Mika and whispers "I think ..its really good you showed up. Hope you brought a spare nose. I think after that many mashes..Hendrix's might fall off entirely. "

Masika Moonwing: "No spare noses, but I can probably fix the one he best as can be done anyway." a grin quirked on her lips "No, Rocky, I've told you, mated for life, you missed your chance and decided to woo my mother instead." rarely did she speak of the woman, now long lost to her and took a few steps closer to her own mate "Think there is one man enough to fight you?"

Honey (liashlee.inaka) probably viewed things differently than Mika, as when Crimson spoke of going next, she nodded her head exhuberantly. "Yes, Master!" The slut appeared intoxicated by the brute show of force presented to her, not to mention the half a tankard of ale she'd snuck. She was a lightweight, and so it was with a glazed pair of eyes that she asserted, "You would kick the dung out of any of these men, Master!" So totally forgetting all about being respectful in her excitement.

MOUSE (shadow.inaka) felt better hidden between her Jarls boots and she watched as Jarl Phoenix seemed to be getting tired and she closed her eyes placing her hands over them and told herself he was a torvi no way was he losing this
Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) enjoyed the man's counter, looking for weaknesses but finding few as Pheonix attempted to square off with him again. He wouldn't allow it, continuing to shift lightly round to the left. The blows found their mark on his person, but only the right fist truly impacted, hammering into his right pec. He grunted and, continuing to move to the right, took a left handed swing into the side of the man's skull, followed by a right to the kidney if at all possible. He was gasping through his mouth now, no air able to move through the thick bloody mess of his nose. He tasted the tang and it lit his eyes with lust.
Ansleys Ashbourne calls out" Ye better not lose Phoenix! I doona wanna see ye lose!" She called out. She nibblew d on her lip in a nverous manner, as she was afraid he may lose.
Rocky Balzibo looks to Mika with a severly confused look and starts to mumble. "I wouldn't call it wooing really." gazing back out over the large crowd and what to be fighting men. Rocky could clearly learn a few tricks here by watching this.

Zairoq Serrao: Knowing that Phoenix had the height and reach advantage the fight should favor him the punches were flying and and it was early in the fight, he looked at the crowd and was not surprized to see them cheer on their leader and felt the impulse todo the same" Kick the little mans ass"

Crimson (akiel.martian) looked to Mika, "..honestly my mate, no, but there is always the odd one or two that suprise me!", he rightly said it aloud in such a boisterous manner, seldome or never were the Alar shy, in any sence of the word. The Blacksmith, certainly was not, in bow or blade, surely he was not umong the most gifted of the Laager, but in a bare handed match, well, he certainly knew well enough how to make good use of his weight. Emerald hues looked on at the fight with mirth, happy to see Hendrix enjoying himself, but all the same, "..likely Honey, but ye' never know, one might suprise us!"

Honey (liashlee.inaka) rested her hand lightly on Crimson's arm and pointed out Zairoq, "Oh! How about him, Master?" Leaning forward, she almost slid from the table's surface once again, but steadied herself. "That one, that one," already hyping up for another fight even though this one was still ongoing.

MOUSE (shadow.inaka) looked and saw the blood splatter a few drops really as far as she could see on the pavement and felt woozy , she wabbled as her stomach lurched and she held back her upchucking just bairly as she lay her head on Her jarls leg and turned her face away from the fight deciding listening to the crowd would be a much less sickening way for finding out who came out on top , she said a tiny silent prayer to Odin though to help Jarl Phoenix kick some ass

Zairoq Serrao: Hearing his name called he laughed that they dont keep their sluts on a leash and let them encourage the will of the free but if this was to get into a brawl then he was ready.
Phoenix (kytor.silverblade) cursed Himself, as He bucked up to His left and backwards from the kindey hsot, a pain unparalelled to most at the momet of strike, least he hadmanaged to escape the one for His face though, and as He gasped.. COnsiderable massed of muscle moved in a twisted form of grace as He kinda balled up, His head in the height of the man's chest, as a barrage of blows punished his ribcage, left to right, right to left and back over a third time, His actions leaving Hendrix leaning, as he valiantly attempted to swing a vicious left uppercut to finish the match
Crimson (akiel.martian) looked to Honey now, turning to gaze at her from over his shoulder, querking a brow at the sight of his property, looking like her balance was just a tad, off, "..if he desires it mine, who knows, mayhaps they'll desire to look after their own after this and help him lick his wounds, if so, I can understand that and if not then all the better for me..", he leaned in a bit and sniffed the air around his slut, "..mine, why do I smell, ale?"

Honey (liashlee.inaka) nodded again, agreeable to everything the man would say, it would seem. When he leaned in close, sniffing at her, she thrust herself forward, nipping at the tip of his nose, hoping to distract him while she used the side of her ankle to knock over one of the tankards. Just a scant bit of the brew was left in the bottom of the vessel, but it was enough to spill out over the planks of the table. Her eyes widened and she stepped in it deliberately, stirring the scent of the ale even higher around her. "Master! It's because these tables are all sticky with it.......the sluts here need to learn how to keep things clean! Maybe they should lick it up!"

MOUSE (shadow.inaka) looked sticking her head out between her Jarls legs seeing the slave point at her Jarl and she shot her a middle finger something her Motherwho had been from earths japan had tought her , she signed a few other rude guestures in sine language and then looked up she knew her Jarl could whip her Jarls ass but was hoping it didnt come to it as he had promised her a trip soon to her favorite place
Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) feels the thrill rise in his throat as he's beated like a dingy in stormy waves, blasted with powerful blows left and right, ribs boarding on breakage. It was a masterful move, and one Hendrix hadn't expected quite yet. In fact, he had wanted to do the same a bit later in the match. Now he struggled to stay upright, forcing his feet to move backward and keep him up, working his hands into the fray to at least diminish the strength of the oversized chieftain's hits. Still, he felt himself weakening and had to try something to break the man's momentum. With a quick lunge and a loud growl, he swung his own head down toward the one barreling into his chest. Maybe it could daze the man long enough to jump free and regain composure.
Ansleys Ashbourne cries out" Go and win Ye big Torvie!! I'mma not care fer someone who loses!" she had gotten carried away with the fighting watching one of her kin go at it with a southern.
Crimson (akiel.martian) blinked at the nipping of the tip of his nose, his nose wriggled a tad and he frowned at his slutling, emerald hues shifting to the table. The spilt ale would be looked upon and he frowned, he had his mind more on Hendrix's fight and expected it at some point to come to a close, he would nod and turn his gaze back to the combatants. Expecting fully that Honey was not trying to be her usual sneaky self in a strange new city they didnt know the habitants of.

Zairoq Serrao: Laughing as the slut on the table still rables on like she has the right of the free and does not know her place not knowing she shows a weakness in the stength of the clan that she is with and lets him know that if they are that weak in the way they handle their sluts then other weaknesses could be exploited and if this turns into a brawl the fight could be swayed.

Adalwolf (musicizgod) smiled as he watched Pheonix have at it with the southern man, he stroked his beard idly as he mused at the fight "Kick his arse good Kinsman! Bleed the man for all hes got!" he growls out, laughing softly afterwards

Masika Moonwing wonders if all Torvie's think as much as these do, the ones she had know could surely speak well enough for themselves. If they had any wonderings about the stremgth of the Laager perhaps they should just address them directly.
Phoenix (kytor.silverblade) was in a state of shock, Hendrix far more able a figter than He had imagined, as he took the blow dealt by His head, and fell backwards and sat on His ass.. "Arghhh.." He cried out in anger and pain, the latter not enough to have him down permanetly, as He wiped the blood from His forehead, and nose .. as He felt His hand swipe over he silently declared to Himself 'Yup .. bae fucking broken..' He shook His head in an attempt to regain His own composure, and while rising he slammed His arms to the ground, reaching the fabled frrenzy "ODIN!!" He cried as He rose back to His full length and charged at Hendrix as He stood there, getting wind in his lungs, Phoenix's right arm cock and on the verge, as He came closer and did one of the wildest haymaker's ever seen
Honey (liashlee.inaka) furrowed her brow, watching as the slave girl seemed to lose control of her fingers and not understanding it one bit. Of course, she couldn't read minds, but if she could, she'd figure out that she'd upset the girl with her excitement for another fight. Not that she'd care, that much was evident in the way she quickly shifted her gaze back to the huge Outrider at her side. She smiled charmingly at him, nodding again. And though he didn't say anything outright, she suspected that he suspected and so she might behave a little better.

Ansleys Ashbourne grins softly as he cries out. She knew he would win, how could he not? She was already planning to work on his nose however, but then once it broken it would be sure se would have to fix it. She aslo wondered if he would cry otu if she fixed, but it was flighting as she called out" Ye better hope Odin doona help PHoenix! Ye beating badly as it bae!"
Ansleys Ashbourne: *beating him as*

MOUSE (shadow.inaka) looked up to her Jarl pulling on the leathers of his kilt with shaky hands as she held up two fingers and then her hand out as she held her hand out and it shook a bit , she lowered her head after asking respectfully as she could and hoped his pouch came from his belt as she was indeed nervouse being in such a large group and it was getting the best of her
Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) blinked, himself shocked at the turn of events and the large ass shaking the very core of this southern city. He couldn't help but look at the spot where the man had sat, the crumbling of rock where his massive frame had landed. "For fuck's sake, man. Don't you dare sit on me!" He let a hoarse laugh cling to his raw and oxygen deprived throat, eyes going wide as the man lunged ferociously. He waited until the man was almost upon him and suddenly flattened, stomach down, to a low push-up position. This, he now realized, was only going to get him trampled. With a digging in of heels he pressed his shoulder forward, hoping to trip the man over his own form instead of feeling boot to back like a herd of bosk.
Zairoq Serrao: Feeling the little one tug he knew that she needed to be calmed and he reached into his pouch and unfolded the wrapped collection of kanda leaves that the green had prepared for times like this and pulled out two sheets of the leaves to hand to his slut to hopefully calm her from a posible attack of her epilesy and put them in a compromised position

Crimson (akiel.martian) caught the nod from Honey, and he smirked, she was not foolish at all, and that was one of the reasons she was his, "..tch..", he felt his gaze look to Hendrix and he roared out victoriously, "..hooooo! Brotha Hendrix, ho!", he said, yes, mayhaps it was prematurely, a fight could always turn, but certain Crimson could not hold back, not now that the fight had taken a turn in the favor of Hendrix, "..aye, now that is just nifty!"

MOUSE (shadow.inaka) took the leafs and she poped them into her mouth and chewed on them as she held onto his leg , she closed her eyes feeling better little by little as she turned again only to see the jarl from her village charge at the man

Zairoq Serrao: Knowing that in the event of a brawl if the loud slut felt his blade that she would squeel like a stuck bosk and distract the others from her clan as choas is a big ally when the numbers are againt you
Masika Moonwing quirked an eye at the kanda exchange, that was enough to lay down a bosk and why such resources would be waisted on a mere beast, especially in the lands of Torvaldsland where it was always in short supply was beyond her, she mus be quite a fuck for that kind of treatment. "Go Hendrix" she called out, much more interested in that show than the other.

Honey (liashlee.inaka) waited until Crimson's eyes were focused on the fight again and the man across the way was kneeling down to attend to his slut. Once the attention was off her, she finished off what was left in the remaining tankard, then hopped down from the table, cleaning up the spilled ale and straightening the cups. The very picture of slavenly obedience. "When I get done here, should I slime your boot for you, Master?" She asked, her sense of right and wrong still dulled from the alcohol, but one glance across the way told that she'd spied the way the other girl clung to the man's boot. "I can beg you with my fingers, too, if you like?"
Phoenix (kytor.silverblade) COuldn't help Hendrix' action of course, and it ha the desired effect as His upper thighs slammed into His shoulder, and He fell.. But it wasn't unwelcome, though ferocity had His brain bathing in testpsterone, he hooked His left arm as He flipped over and caught Henderix below his chin, gripping round His throat in His own fall, and the sheer physics of it allowed the wight of His own fall to swinging Hendrix over His own shoulder as he came around, and too it was brutal, a furiously move of pure luck, as he added His own power when Hendix came around His shoulder, hoping He hadn't yanked His neck to a brittle as He hurled the man out of the henge, and into the bushes across the way
Ansleys Ashbourne cires out loudly and cheers" Ye got him Phoenix!!!!" she looked happy and thoguht Pheonix had won the fight.

Crimson (akiel.martian) blinked and looked over at Honey, "..mine, if ye' act like the worthless other city sluts around here, I shall hamstring ye' and have ye' whipped for good measure..", he smirked a bit, "..if the other sluts Master over there wishes to keep a sick and worthless beast let him, I for one, would prefer ye' act like a lustmeat o' the honorable ALar..", he leaned a bit to one side and chuckled at her, "..a-", he stopped short, and looked back to the fight, "..bah, Hendrix!", he frowned a bit.

Zairoq Serrao: Smirked atthe comment bout his sick one not as he does not know mine is trained in the sexual pleasures of a geisha as her mother was one and that mine is also mute a pleasure that I am sure most masters wish for
Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) had very little ide of what was happening. Somehow his body was being swung like a mace, his head the handle. He felt a few cracks he didn't like. He smelled a ripe scent of armpit he liked even less. But then all seemed free and he was a tarn soaring. The man knew how to use his weight and height, that was for sure, and together with a bit of luck, had managed to gain control of Hendrix's lighter frame. He blinked, his back to the distant ground, his mind strangely slowed and musing on little things like the deliscious taste of roasted tarsk. Then he was down, skidding, bouncing, landing, springing deftly to his feet, hands outstretched like some sort of earthling gymnast. "Hold. Hold! I'm out of bounds."
Ansleys Ashbourne thinks" THat mean ye lost right?"

Rocky Balzibo does a small muffled clap with his hands towards the fighters, in a sort of congratulatory manner. A good fist fight should be respected as much as a good furring, without the women. He gives his nods to his friends and turns around on the spot and starts to wander about aimlessly into the somewhat damp night, looking up to the stars he wonders what could have been, if he just had taken the red pill.

Honey (liashlee.inaka) rubs the sides of her temples, almost as if she had a headache coming on from someone struggling valiantly to impress their thoughts upon those around them. It only lasted an ihn or two, though, and then her head cleared again. Rounding the trunk of the tree, she reached out to stroke her fingertips along the bark, marveling on the heightened tactile sensations. She gripped onto a low branch, her hip sliding along Crimson's upper thigh and she favored him with a sleepy looking smile that was probably supposed to be seductive and beguiling, but only managed to look a
Phoenix (kytor.silverblade) Held His arms up, a gesture of a winner, as he had His back turned to Hendrix, but of course .. the voice Hendrix carried eachoed in His head, and He turned around on His heel, and He sighed, as he blew out His nose best He could to clear the blood "Ya bae hella persistant you are.." He growled low, as He clenched His fists and took a few deep breaths, waiting to see what'd happen, though He was amused by the comment Hendrix had left behind "Like a fookin' ragdoll!" He added, as He swept His bracer over His face in an attempt to get the blood out of His eyes
MOUSE (shadow.inaka) didnt clap as Jarl phoenix won the fight she bowed her head silnetly to him in respect has his eyes found her he would have seen it as she held still and quiet letting the kanda work on her nerves and as her Jarl prefered her in public , she looked on as she finally spit the leafs out into her hand and hid them in the plants behind her pushing them into the soil

Zairoq Serrao: Eyed the crowd to see if the leader had a champion to defend the lost honor knowing that one fight can lead to another he went to a defensive stand and calmly waited
Ansleys Ashbourne looks around and to ease any tense feelings" I feel the figthas needa rest, where be ye infirmary and I will look over both of them."

Adalwolf (musicizgod) smiles at seeing Pheonix look as if he had won, then looks over the other men "Anyone care to a duel of blades" he says with a sly grin
Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) snorted his own bundle of blood, wishing his chieftain had been here to see the masterful fight. He jumped lightly over the low wall, spit a wad of blood toward the ground, and swiped his nose and mouth with a sweaty arm. "A good fight." He strides close to the tall tarnsman and slaps his palm to the high shoulder. "A good fighter, and a better catapult." He chuckles and it turns to a bloody cough. "I enjoyed breaking my nose with you." His mood was light, as usual after a fight, and win or lose, he loved the action and felt them both worthy pugalists.
Crimson (akiel.martian) looked to Hendrix, and held up a hand, "..I give that landing a ten me brotha!", he called, only to look to Honey's hip as it brushed against him, right hand, rearing out to smack her backside with a grin, "' silly slut..", he said and then looked to Mika, left hand raised up and set atop her shoulder, "..if ye' are not too tired my mate..", he would nod in Hendrix's general direction, "..if he needs ye' to tend to him, and if not, let him tend his own wounds..", he said rather softly, " was a good honorable fight, hopefully all their men give more action than words.."

Masika Moonwing: "Aye, of course I will tend him if he allows:" that was the trouble with Hendrix, never sitting still long enough to heal "One can only hope, seems the air is quite thick with many thoughts and actions from only one." she nestled into his grasp, glad he was a man with the actions to support his convictions.
Phoenix (kytor.silverblade) Exhaled in relief, the bloodloss considerable "There'll bae more times to be certain.." He said as he offered His arm "I bae tributing you, a worthy foe, Hendrix, hella fighter, and hadn't ya been so very .. Alaarian .. I'd bae inviting ya to fight by mah side" he said as he nodded, and grasped Hendrix's arm, and raised his left "There bae 2 winners this night, bae 2 who found good brothership in one another!" He nodded firmly as though His word was beyond dispute, and it was, for he was of course none other than Phoenix
Ansleys Ashbourne sighes softly at her kins words" Aye, nad there be crooked noses to show it aswell."
Hendrix (malachi.stormcrow) looked at the man with a grin. It was amazing how many friends he had made in much the same way. Almost as many as the enemies. "Who knows but the purposes of the Alar and the ... you all ... might not coincide long enough for a proper pillaging and brandishing of blades toward quaking farmers." Then he heard the comment about noses and remembered his own, grasping it in his fist and wrenching it back to mostly proper position with a crack. He looked toward Mika. "Aii, do your thing, woman, and keep me looking pretty for the ladies."